Overlapping of niches and Fundamental niche

"Niches Overlapping (video) / The Unlimited Niche (audio)
Video: The composition consists of fragmentary records of domestic performances, the communication (a game) between human and animal activated with the motion of bird feathers, a recording of the event in which I took a piece of Christmas decoration in the woods and placed it on a living tree. This animation is pervaded by shots showing examples of relationships between various organisms and man. I discovered the form of the graphic symbol for ecological niche based on variation in a multiplication of ellipse parts. These are geometric patterns loosely based on a drawing of the architectural niche – the apse. By multiplication and mirroring this geometric element, an ellipse is formed. Copying and mirroring this ellipsis in turn creates a regular shape resembling a stylized flower or leaf. This shape can also be perceived as two hearts stuck together by their tips. By these variations, the shape gained its actual form with internal spaces and in form of a simple animation it pervades the entire video. The drawing of the symbol on the niche wall in the video was made by beetroot juice and melted Chlorella – freshwater algae. I work with these “paints”, because in addition to the beautiful pigment they also offer another element that is important for me – they contain substances with a cleansing effect. Audio: The Unlimited Niche is a rhythmic, cyclical repetition of this phrase. Limitlessness is one of the foundations for the development, but it is a utopia in normal life.